Legalink Danmark Law Firm

Legalink Danmark is a Danish, internationally oriented law firm which provides consultancy services to companies, public authorities, associations, private persons and others about most legal matters.

Our aim is that the client – regardless of the case being trading a business, making a will or acquiring an owner-occupied residence – experiences focus on and involvement in the performance of the task as well as a high quality of the legal work.
We make a point of the client getting a perception of quality, promptness, availability, flexibility, reliability and comprehensibility. It is our goal to provide a targeted effort based on an insight in and understanding of the client's situation, including business related and private circumstances and interests. We do our best to show a responsible attitude towards social conditions, client relations and the administrative procedure.

Legalink Denmark consists of cooperating attorneys, and a world rooted in the international organization "Legalink", a unique network of independent law firms represented in all the world's major business centers.